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    • With Zeolite clay, activated charcoal and fulvic acid
    • Bowel Cleansing and good for the immune system
    • Assists in “Mop Up” phase of biofilm removal
    • Assists in binding toxins and unwanted microbial by-products
    • 60 Capsules
  • Product description

    Detoxification of the intestinal tract is an important part of a comprehensive cleaning program. G.I.Detox+ combines Zeolite clay and activated charcoal for a simple and well tolerated cleansing regime. Zeolite has stronger detoxifying powers relative to other clays and is rich in electrolyte content for rapid transport of toxins out of the cell. Zeolite clay also lacks the high iron content and toxic elements which may be found in other clays.

    Benefits of Biocidin G.I. Detox +

    • Contains Zeolite clay and activated charcoal
    • Effective cleansing of the intestines
    • Provides the body with free ions that have an antioxidant effect
    • Special structure

    Zeolite clay is a kind of clay which is formed entirely different than are other clays and because of this, it is many times more powerful. Pyrophyllite is formed from liquid lava that decomposes slowly to a clay under the influences of water, pressure and steam. The way it is formed forms the basis of its potent detoxifying and cleansing effect.

    • The rich quantity of electrolytes in Zeolite clay provides the body with free ions which act as an antioxidant.
    • In addition, they accelerate the transport of undesirable substances from the cells and transport of nutrients to the cells. One of the unique properties of pyrophyllite is that it functions both as an absorbent and as an adsorbent. The molecules retain undesirable substances on their surface just as iron mortar sticks to a magnet.
    • In addition, the molecules also suck up undesirable substances in a sponge-like fashion.The exceptionally high negative electro-magnetic charge of Zeolite ensures that the effects penetrate deeply into tissues and organs.

    The macro-structure of Zeolite clay is shaped like a donut made up of tetrahedral molecules and thus mimics the shape of a red blood cell. Zeolite thus has a geometric shape that is very effective in the incorporation of unwanted substances.

    Activated charcoal is well known for its absorbent properties as well. Its molecular structure can retain a thousand times its own weight in gases, toxins and other chemicals.The power of G.I. Detox+ is the combination of both substances.

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