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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of information that a website stores for the efficiency of the website. Cookies used by Prosupplements.nl are safe. They cannot collect any sensitive information and they are safe for your computer, mobile or other devices.

What cookies are used?

Cookies are used for the customer to:

– remain logged in and be able to shop at leisure
– store items in the shopping basket
– do shopping safely
– to read and write reviews and watch videos
– to share products and interact with social media, such as Facebook and Google

Cookies are used for Prosupplements to:

– ensure efficiency of the site
-amend errors and omissions
– test improvements
– personalize the website

What is the life span of cookies?

Most cookies are soon deleted or overwritten, some of them as soon as you close the browser. Other (persistent) cookies are stored for a few days or a few years. You can delete them yourself by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser at any time.