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Terms and conditions for professionals

1. Prosupplements delivers to registered professionals and trade channels through the professionals section of the website only. Prosupplements retains the right to retrieve diplomas, check membership of professional organizations and registration with the Chamber of Commerce, etc.
2. Orders received from Monday to Friday before 1 pm are usually shipped the same day and usually delivered the next day, but this also depends on PostNL service.
3. Time of delivery of products that are out of stock, is always approximate.

Shipping charges and special offers/discounts
1. Shipping charges for orders under €50 (shipping charges excluded) in The Netherlands are €4,75. For orders over €50 the shipping charges are €3,75. The charges are VAT exclusive.
2. The following rates are for orders to EU countries:
Orders under €50 (shipping charges excluded) shipping charges: €13
Over €50 (shipping charges excluded) shipping charges: € 9. The charges are VAT exclusive.
3. A discount of 3 % applies to orders of 12 units (or more) in one.

Payment and debit
1. Payment should be made within 14 days of the invoice date.
2. In the event of non-payment within 14 days of the invoice date, the client is in default. Our invoices are subject to interest at the rate of 1 % per month, unless the statutory interest is higher. In that case the rate of the statutory interest is applied. The company shall be entitled to charge for statutory interest from your payment due date until the time of payment in full.
3. In the event that the purchaser is in default or fails to perform one or more of his obligations, all reasonable collection charges out of court shall be for the purchaser’s account. The minimal extrajudicial costs are 15% of the principal sum or the remainder of it. The customer also owes the supplier the costs of the statutory interest with a minimum of €25 (net of Value Added Tax).
4. If Prosupplements has incurred reasonable enforcement costs that are higher and the purchaser is a business relation or corporate client, the incurred real costs shall be for the account of the purchaser. Any judicial and enforcement costs must also be borne by the purchaser. The interest on collection fees are payable by the buying client as well.
5. Prosupplements reserves the right to demand cash on delivery and security for payment on the goods supplied, e.g. through iDEAL.

Retention of title
1. The goods supplied remain property of Prosupplements until the full amount(s) of the invoice(s) with interest and costs has (have) been paid.2. As long as there is a reservation of title on the goods supplied the client may not mortgage, hire, pledge or however this may be described, loan or dispose of the goods to third parties. The customer is not entitled to pledge the goods delivered subject to retention of title nor to extend any other right pertaining to such goods to any third party. The purchaser shall not export the goods without a prior written consent.

Complaints and liability
1. Complaints must be submitted within 14 days.
2. Opened containers cannot be returned.
3. If a correct and justified complaint has been lodged in due time, Prosupplements will see to free redelivery or refund. Prosupplements is never bound to compensate in any other way.
4. Complaints do not suspend the Customer’s payment obligation.
5. Delayed delivery by PostNL or other transport services is at the purchaser’s own risk.
6. Refused deliveries or orders not collected after notification by the transport service do not suspend payment obligations.
7. The composition of products may differ in rare cases.

Applicable law
1. Only Dutch law applies to all agreements.
2. By ordering the purchaser declares to fully understand and agree to these conditions.

These terms of delivery came into effect on 1 December 2014 and replace previous terms of delivery.
These terms and conditions are deposited at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam.