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Revactin® delivers the right nutrients for optimal intimate health for men through a simple, twice-daily formula. It’s no secret that a big part of intimacy is being comfortable with your partner and with yourself.

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However, after the age of 30, nature begins to challenge our vitality. Our hair starts to turn gray, our muscles start to lose their tone and we have to work harder and harder to stay fit.

Your ‘lower region’ is not immune to aging either.

This is where Revactin® comes in.

It helps the body produce the antioxidants your body needs to fight the natural aging down there.

You maintain your blood vessels and cavernous bodies that play such an important role in this region. In addition, Revactin® also contains ingredients to increase your energy for the long term.


Think of it as a super multi-supplement – it helps cells rid the body of harmful free radicals, boosts critical antioxidant properties and delivers an injection of energy to give you optimal comfort for every intimate moment.